How to casually text a guy and ask if he wants to hang out?

We're close friends and I really want to hang out with him as we're always having a good time. We might have something more and I want to figure it out since I don't want to overthink nor ruin our friendship :). How do I ask him in a casual, non-clingy way? And is it better face-to-face as we never really call or text each other? (it's more through actions and talking)
Or is it better to let him feel the thrill of the chase and let him make a move if he wants? We're both quite introverted.


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  • Just do it face to face , ask him "what are your pland for (certain day) ? Or the weekend?


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  • Just text him "do you wanna hang out?"

    • Haha great - thanks :) But don't you guys think of something other than 'hang out' if it's in the evening? And is it best if it's planned a day before or more impulsive?
      Sorry for eventually overthinking

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    • I just want to be around him, I guess :). Yeah, I better find a movie. I don't know - if it was up to me then we would hug or cuddle and talk about his dreams, listen to music and laugh quite a bit but I'm not sure if he's into that stuff and I have a hard time moving past cuddling - I'm afraid to ruin our friendship but I sure do love him. His signs just aren't clear enough for me to know how to take it further (and if I should at all)

    • It seems to me you need to make up ur mind: u either risk it or you don't. My one advice would be don't stall... it gets confusing and that usually ends up in disaster.

  • if your as close as you say than there should be no problem just saying 'lets do something on


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  • tell hi how r u hey im free and i would like to have a good time wanna go for dinner or something like hey wanna do something or are you free lets get our agendas booked.