Is she avoiding me because she's scared to fall in love again?

I'm 21 and she's 20. I've known this girl for 2 years. We're in college. She was with her boyfriend for a year. She broke up with him cause he didn't let her breathe. Months after her breakup, we started to like each other. I asked her out one day but she turned me down. She said I don't deserve you. You can find another girl. She also said I just don't want to hurt you. We remained friends. She avoids me but I don't really know why. Is it because she's scared she might fall in love again? I ask her that question but she doesn't want to answer it. I know there's other "fish in the sea" but what do you guys think the reason is?


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  • Sometimes we go out of our way to justify why someone has decided not to go out with us. We use things like "he is scared to fall again," "she is scared by how much she liked me so she called it off" and so on. Truth is, no matter what we think and sometimes no matter what s/he says, they just lose interest. Having an "issue with an ex" is a perfect way to take the blame on ourselves and graciously back out of a situation while leaving the other person's emotions intact.

    You may never know what the reason is. It is such an ego blow :(. Just raise your head and respond to her if she contacts first, but this ship has probably sailed. Let it and find someone who deserves you.


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