Do I need to leave?

firstly i meet this guy and we started to talk with each other , than we were friends with benefits but now we are in a relationship , even when we were just friends with benefits i cared for him more than a friend , than i took the courage to tell him that i dont want to be just "friends" with that i really cared for him and after that we started dating like real couples we went to dinners together we've done stuff together , but now i dont know if it is just me or what but i think he's giving me a cold shoulder , i dont really feel like leaving cuz i really love him but i dont want do get hurt.


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  • What events happened leading up to you giving him the cold shoulder?

      i dont know i really dont , where did i go wrong i mean i always am there for him i always support him on everything , i think we were in love but i was the only one , you know i do love him and i can't imagine my life without him everything i do everything i wear reminds me a memory , a time that we spent together , i mean we we've been together for 9 months now and like 2 weeks before he told me that he loved me on fb and when i asked him did he ment it he told me when did i said that , i just stayed in silence then he told me that he wants me that he cares for me but after that i really dont know what to believe anymore. :ss

    • I think you should let him know how you really feel be completely honest and see if he feels the same

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