I want to have my first kiss... Any advice?

There is a dance coming up at our school, and there are going to be slow dances, etc. I really want to dance with my crush, then hide away and have my first kiss with him... <3 I know this sounds cheesy, but I want this kiss to be special and memorable, because the dance is on Valentine's day. Any advice?

I really want to date him, too. Do you have any advice on how to ask him out?


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  • Not cheesy at all! Advice... clean breath, relax and just let it happen naturally. And if it doesn't happen don't be upset because it doesn't matter where you are it matters who you're with that makes it special.

    Good luck! 😘


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  • Yea, don't plan it. Let it happen on it's own, like, wait for a super intense moment between you guys and then kiss him. If you just kiss him without any buildup you will be disappointed.


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