Why did she sigh near me?

I had a girl I kind of new. I noticed her looking from time to time. Whenever I saw her she was disturbed or surprised, or there was some sort of reaction with her. Her eyes would widen open or something like that.

Also some days ago I was in the mall at my table and I noticed her at a table. She went past me near my table, giving me the impression she went specifically near me. I mean she could have went in a straight line but she took a detour near my table. She sighed heavily when she was near me.

What's wrong with her?


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  • Well if you have written this story the way you have then you obviously suspect she likes you.
    so yeah what you imagine we Are going to say, she probably likes you.

    • Yeah, you are right, I written this because I like her. I do not know if i was objective or not, probably not. I have a hard time seeing things objectively.

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  • It's very clear she's interested but wants you to approach her first.


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