Valentine's day is soon what should I do/get for my boyfriend?

Valentine's is soon and I was thinking of doing or getting something for my boyfriend we will have been dating 5 months on the 13th he likes some sports but he's a bit hard to plan/get something for sometimes because he doesn't talk about what he would want from me or what he would want to do if I were to try and plan something for us to do together any ideas on what I should do for him or get for him? could use the advice please.


Also if we wanted to be alone together then we would have to go somewhere else as he lives with his mom and they have rented the bedroom across from his room to someone and as for me I am currently at my parents till I can save enough for somewhere of my own but I was thinking we could maybe spend the day together then the night together as well


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  • Go to a cute little bed and breakfast

    • That could be fun yeah I was considering hotel/bed in breakfast for a bit but think I will for sure go with the bed in breakfast thanks :)