I really need a girls opinion on this please help?

I've been texting a girl every few months or so for like 2 years now. She always replies, and adds emoticons and exclamation marks when we talk (met her in some class that lasted only 2 weeks, which I added my number in her contacts). I've been holding back on the aggresive flirty texts on her, because I wasn't sure how she'd take it. I asked her to meet me maybe 1 year ago, but she said she was too busy with school and that, so I backed off and only talked to her every few months. Fast forward another year of monthly texts. I just texted her, pushing the teasingness on her, and she reciprocated as if she understood. I told her it was nice talking and she said 'yeah deffo!'. Is there any chance of her being interested? She remembered a few things I had told her in the past (which surprised me). Girls can I have your input, what does this mean? She's really confusing because I haven't asked her to meet up again because I don't want her to say the same thing as last time, yet she's responding. help What would it mean if you were in this position?


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  • (ツ)~
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    '( v )`
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    she hates you


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  • If i was you then i would ask her out again. If she says no again, then she's definitely not interested in you.

    If someone is really interested in you they will make time for you no matter how busy they are.

    • I concur. There wouldn't be anything wrong with you giving it one or two more shots. In my experience though, the longer that you wait to meet, the more anxious the girl gets--and, therefore, the less likely that she'll actually do it.

  • Never know if you don't try.. All sounds positive!


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  • You're wasting your time. It's been two years and nothing has happened. That should tell you all that you need to know. Sorry man. Move on.

    • In the future, never let it drag on like this, for the reasons that stated in my reply to the girl above.

    • Well she's turkish so I don't know if that means anything. But even so I texted her maybe 1 month ago and she remembered something I told her 6 months prior to that, which made me believe she REMEMBERED something about me, hence the reason why im asking wether sh;es interested or not.