He suddenly dissapeared?

He is expatriate in my country. We date for 2 years.
Every 2-4 month he have to go back to his country (as he work there too). So usually he always tell me how long he will be there, and call me and text, email me...
This time he didn't say for how long he will go, just said that he ll miss me and will call.
So he called in about a week after he was gone, it was in December, then he was silent for a mounth, didn't even congratulate me with Christmas...
Thrn he caled about 2 weeks ago -said thst he misses me and wish he could bring me to his country without a visa, and that maybe he will come soon, but again, didn't say when.
and that all... So he is already gone for 2 month and called only 2 times. No emails, no texts...
When he was away lsst timed-he called me often, texted me a lot and always said when he will come back.
This time is just so strange...
Is that means-he looses his interest? Should i wait or move on?


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  • Let him disappear. Move on to someone nkre worthy of you

    • yes i will move on, i can't wait forever)

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