Do you usually date one person at a time or wait until you want to be serious with them?

Ya so basically if you go on one date with someone and really like them, do you treat it as exclusive (even if if it's technically not) or would you continue to date openly until later when you feel more serious feelings for one person? Even if you never talked about it and don't actually expect the other person to be exclusive, would you be upset if they were dating others the whole time before you became exclusive, say 3 months in?

  • I only date one person at a time
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  • If the first few dates go well, I'll focus on just one person
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  • I will continue to date others until we talk about it/feel serious about it.
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  • From what I have seen and heard, Men tend to go to one extreme or the other on this, and Women tend to stick in the middle. I couldn't date more than one person at a time, it would feel disrespectful. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    • I admit, I am on the date one at a time side on this, but I also don't think I would rationally hold it against a girl for dating openly when we never said it was exclusive (I'd probably still be hurt though). If I had to say why date on at a time, is because any time I have seen multiple girls at once, there is always a clear favorite, and the rest are just back ups, and that is not fair to anyone.

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    • Yet again you are saying my thoughts haha

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What Girls Said 2

  • Why this is totally not right? 😕 why can't just one person be happy with someone they met or just try to be honest. This is absolutely will hurt both sides 😕.

  • No, I definitely wouldn't like that, don't know why any other girl would.


What Guys Said 1

  • I could never date more than one person at a time. Hell, I was lucky to find one person, and even now I don't know how official an outside observer would call it being as we met online and live on opposite sides of the planet.

    • I always live in such extremes, like I'll have no one interested for like a year, and then as soon as one girl makes a move, like 3 more come out of the woodwork, but that's my experience. That does sound like an odd case, I hope you find a way to make it work though.

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