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I'm getting ready to ask this girl out. When asking I thought about say this "I've been wanting to talk to you about this for awhile. I really think you great and you are really beautiful and I was wondering if you would go out". Does that sound ok or no? Please tell me yes or no and feel free to add something. This will also be the first time asking a girl out. Also we do know each other by name and go to church together. We do small talk in passing. She's 2 years younger then me.


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  • Hell no man. That will get you shot down. Just call her and make small talk with her for five or ten minutes and then just ask her out.

    • Someone told me to do it in person. I also thought just go up to her and say would you like to go out. Is that better?

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    • You're welcome. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. In other words, don't rehearse it too much. Just try and do what comes natural. The more you mentally rehearse, the more nervous you tend to get.

    • Thanks. I'll try to stop. I keep playing it in my head. Nerve really high. I'm planning on asking her tomorrow. There's a super bowl party I'm going to and she's suppose to be there.

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