I think my guy friend has a crush on me?

I just feel like he might have feelings for me. He seems to like doing me favors, he gives me compliments (not about my appearance, but he'll say I'm so smart, or he'll say I'm fun to be around, etc.), and we talk all the time, and he seems to really like getting my attention and making me laugh. But I'm not sure if he has feelings for me or if he's just being nice and friendly.


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  • He probably does, but it isn't a definite unless you ask him and he admits to it. I liked to help out my one friend who was a girl, she was definitely attractive but I wasn't really interested in her that way and she had a boyfriend, and she had special needs (Schizophrenia and Aspergers) and everyone started spreading rumors and assuming I had a crush on her when I was really mostly just helping her so she could pass her classes and not have a mental breakdown and have a friend who would be there when she needed one since her family and boyfriend were scum. Almost completely destroyed our friendship. Definitely strained and weakened it. Don't make assumptions. If you want to know, ask.


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  • The only way to find out is by asking him