Guys if your girlfriend decided to do something for you make plans on Valentine's day or got you something then what would you want her to get you?

Guys if your girlfriend decided to do something or get you something for Valentine's day then what would you want her to get you? or what would you want her to plan? trying to get some ideas here me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 5 months and I want to either make some plans or get something for him ideas? also what is better making plans? or getting him something? or both? could you the help.


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  • I would prefer that she get a gift. I like to be the one to plan an outing (dinner , movie etc. ) but being a day designated for couples I would want it to be a gift that we could both enjoy together

    • Hmm good point any ideas for a gift we could both enjoy together? just wondering and ok also good to know thanks

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    • It will go fine. Happy Valentine's day. Better late than never

    • Thanks well hopefully it goes good when we talk in two weeks and thanks you too

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  • I am not one for gifts, for I would see her as my lifes greatest gift. But, I guess I would just like a nice dinner of my favourite food, and then her to let me have 'her' for dessert...

    • Awe thats sweet I don't know to many guys who think that way I`m glad there's still some and okay thanks might try something like that :)

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    • anyway, thanks for a nice chat, and pop in any time if you want to chat again

    • Yeah sounds good np and thanks as well

  • I think a girl should add 2 more breasts to her chest. Imagine, playing with 4 boobs during sex.

    • Lol don't know how that would be possible but thanks

  • Get him something, female plans are logistical nightmares and drives us crazy (in the bad way).

    • Good to know I will stick to getting him something then thanks

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