Hot Guy with not so goo looking Girl?

Ok! I'm kinda hot (tall, handsome)
I met a girl a few days back just as a friend
She is very good by heart but isn't that goodlooking.
She proposed me yesterday. I too like her actually! Im confused about it
I asked my friends the same all of them are saying that i deserve someone much better thn her.
I donno what to do

We have been good friends for like 3 months


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  • Looks has no effect on value as a person
    you're both equal, as humans.

    So if you like/love her, go ahead
    and make something of it.

    I'll apologize beforehand, as I'm going to slightly bash
    on your friends.. But them saying you deserve better just because
    they doesn't accept her looks, just makes them seem ignorant. ^.^

    • That's really helpful
      Thank you!

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  • So, you just met her and she proposed? That sounds creepy to me.

    Assuming that was not what you meant, I'll continue. You like her and she is a kind person. You consider her a friend. She doesn't fit the current standard of beauty unlike you who are considered "hot." (Aren't you humble). Because you are conflicted, you ask you friends for advice and to help direct your feelings. What does their opinions matter when you like her unless they know something you don't, like she is a cheat or a horrible person. Don't judge a book by its cover my friend. A person of substance is worth more than just a pretty face.

  • AW! Just do what you're heart tells you lovie!


What Guys Said 1

  • Lol better. What are you a fucking rocket scientist. Kid you ain't nobody until you're somebody. Learn that.

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