Let's play a game: Theoretical Dating! who would you choose?

You go on first dates with two guys, you like both of them in different ways and now you must choose one to fall into a relationship with!

(Please pick Guy 1 or Guy 2)
I have the results for each path you choose which I'll include in an update to this question later and you can come back and read how you went!

Guy 1
Guy 1 took you for a small coffee date, the date was good, there was a lot of chatter about random stuff you find interesting and none of it was awkward. He's good looking but not entirely fit, soft around the edges. Towards the end of the date he accidentally spills the remainder of his coffee on himself, he laughs at himself and his clumsiness. You've known this guy for a couple months platonically and he asked you out on this date out of the blue, he did seem slightly nervous on the date. The end result, you like him but there was no 'spark' he's very very sweet and kind but you can sense his nervousness and shyness holding him back. Guy 1 works as a computer engineer for a large tech company

Guy 2
Guy 2 took you for a walk down the beach along with lunch at a sandwich place. He's very confident, has a hot body and he ordered an extra sandwich at the sandwich place to give to a homeless person nearby. You really like him, but there is a small part of you that thinks he's not entirely attentive to you, you can't put your finger on it so its not an issue and you ignore it. Guy 2 compliments you a lot during the date and you get frequent reminders that you look good. Guy 2 works as a builder.

Choose wisely and honestly come back later to see the results in a question update :)


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  • Definitely guy number 1 ! :)
    he's the type id love to hang out and be with !

  • Probably guy 1. We can be nervous and awkward together (:


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