Girls losing attraction after you mess up?

So, this girl more than threw herself at me and I wasn't ready and also distanced myself, and I guess cursed at her or whatever.

Now, she communicates with me, but it's like I'm absolutely no one to her. As a guy, I don't quite get the sudden drop in interest/attraction. Is it faked? Is it more that now I'm trying too hard to get her back into me that it comes off needy/unattractive. Why can't seem to get over stuff as easily as guys do?

*we never dated just hooked up three times.


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  • Well if you cussed at her than yeah you basically may've shattered some hopes there. She doesn't sound like the crazy type that likes to be talked to that way. It wouldn't be anything to spite you really it's just she's lost some interest in who she thinks you are. Subjecting herself to that all the time is not getting over things. That's accepting potential abuse. So she's equally rejecting you shutting you out little by little and that is getting over things easily.

    • I get that. It's just odd because she badly wanted to date me, but I guess also as I get older and wiser about stuff so are girls (as I tend to date around my exact age) and so I can't expect them to keep having stubborn hope and infinite chances. Oh well. I had a good run.

    • Itisnt odd from a woman's perspective. "I liked you and you're not who I thought you were so I don't like you and I'll just move on." Nope it isn't 7th grade anymore buddy. Not even the craziest will keep giving infinite chances.

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  • If you reject a woman in a disrespectful way (assuming she respects herself) she will lose the attraction to you very quickly. It doesn't mean she faked anything, she just responded to how you acted.

    • is she faking this cold attitude that she gives me now or is it legit? should i quit talking to her?

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    • I just don't understand it... how you perceive a certain person... as what? Cool? Give me a colorful example.

    • Everyone percieves things differently, so I can't tell you. But I can tell you that a woman can change her mind about a guy for a number of reasons, and being disrespected is a really quick way to turn a woman off.

  • Maybe she fet rejected and is being cautious


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