I am so confused whether we are just Friends with benefits or not?

So I have known this guy for One year now. The thing is after we hang out, the next day I won't hear from him until 2 months later, this has been a patter for one year now.

Yesterday, we went on a date, he took me to this a nice restaurant and we were very touchy the whole time, holding hands, a nice conversation, opened the door for me before I got in the car, and even when we were in the car he still had his hands on mine.

I am getting confused... really confused because our status is pretty much UP IN THE AIR, my friend told me that maybe he just isn't in a rush for anything? because this is obviously more than just hooking up, no?


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  • I guess get in touch with him and ask him directly. Sounds like a connection!

    • it's just weird how it's not brought up though!

    • Is he in the military or something?

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  • Talk to him and ask what he wants and then tell him what you want. You need to be assertive.

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