Not Sure How He Feels?

Alright I have just been curious to know if this guy likes me or not.
He's shy around me, but seems to appreciate my company. He used to be alone in my class and sat far away from everyone, but is now next to me or behind me. I've also realized he starting to park next to my truck (he was curious about the vehicle I drove so I showed him one night and now this started up). He is always nervous around me. I've caught him glancing and staring at me, he gets anxious, sighs, and then asks a basic question about me such as "how's school going for you?" I have grown some feelings with this guy and I started becoming more shy around him but I take the confidence to speak to him as well. This has been going back and forth for a couple months now.
After winter break I decided to write a little note with my number in it and I gave it to him nervously, and started teasing me a bit about it because he knew I was shaky nervous haha. That night the second he got home he left a message on my phone with his number and we texted for about two days and he suddenly stopped. I felt like I invaded his space and was honest about it. I told him if there's an issue to please confront me because I didn't want to cause any conflict or disturb him at all. I told him I respect him and even left class earlier (we usually talk after class but this time I didn't because I felt like I was invading his space and he needed breathing room). i have also backed off on texting him. He did get sick and I send him a little something like "how are you feeling?" But I never get a reply. Thing is when I see him in person he still likes my company and he isn't avoiding me at all. I know he's busy so I give him the benefit of the doubt and I know he isn't a fan of this way of communicating, but phone communication and class is the only time I see him.
He also recently got a gym membership shortly after I told him I workout a lot at home.
But I'm curious, does he like me at all? Was I bothersome?


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  • If you want me honest opinion I think he really likes you, If a man is doing all of that for just one girl he really likes you. He might be afraid to get close to you because he thinks he might get hurt, But keep your guard up, let him come to you, never chase after a guy, I wish you the best of luck!


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  • He might be a shy guy who likes you. You have to remember shy guys act differently. They move slow and back up when threatened. What I would do is start talking to him little by little a day. Don't intimidate him. Initiate conversation but don't get personal yet...
    Hopes this helps! :)