Why did he contact me after 3 months of no contact?

Last summer I was talking to this guy who had asked me out. But yet never seemed to actually take me officially out on a date. We would chill maybe once a week with each other and only actually hooked up a couple of times. We were never in a relationship or even exclusively dating but when he found out I had hooked up with someone else he freaked out on me saying I had betrayed him. I tried to figure out what is he wanted, if it was exclusivity but he just started to treat me like shit and ignore me so I told him I'm going to leave him alone. He then finally responded asking if I just wanted to be friends with benefits. I told him off cause if that's all he wanted then why get upset when I was with someone else and especially since he was constantly reminding me that I was single and to do what I wanted. He ignored my angry response and I let it go and we didn't talk for 3 months. Not to mention he wouldn't pay me back the $150 dollars I loaned him to help him out with traffic tickets. (It's not the amount but the principle).
Fast forward 3 months he decides to send me a Facebook request. I ignored it and then he still decides to message me asking me how I'm doing. Now of course I just decide to ignore again cause he's in the past and I made a new years resolution to let my past be that. But then he sends another message being rude stating, "How dare you ignore me like I'm to blame."
Has he lost his mind. I'm planning on continuing to ignore because I felt hurt the way he took me for granted and then made me feel like shit like I'd done him wrong when I did really like him and helped him out.
What kind of guy says "How dare you ignore me..."?
I know this post seems pointless but I'm curious as to if he's just reaching out cause he couldn't find anyone better and is having regrets or should I just continue to ignore?


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  • Yeah just keep ignoring him.

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