How to keep the Spark alive?

I met a guy at the nightclub, he spoke to me politely, asked my number, My leg was hurting due to dance. He took me outside the club and began conversing, asking about myself, my values and culture. Almost trying my gauge who I am.

He told me to text him next morning, Asking me hope you're leg isn't paining.

I would want to date him. How do I keep the spark alive and make him show interest in me?


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  • Don't get hit by enemies, to keep Spark alive... otherwise Spark* will change color, and if you get hit 4 times, then you will lose a life.

    *The fly from the Spyro The Dragon video-game

    hahahah anyway seriously... try to communicate as much as possible, to the point you won't be annoying...

    • ok Just tell me what could i? ask him just once, in order to know whether he is interested more than friendship. even if he isn't interested in dating him. how do i keep conversing with him. so that he gets interested.

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    • :O thanks... didn 't expeect it tbh

      by the way i found it kinda rude that he asked your age, since he didn ' t know you at all : - /


      Klaatu51 just answer the above question, by the way its the continuation of this same question.

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  • I don't know but being yourself is my best idea and thats what i usually do no matter what.

  • well, obviously, you have to show that you have an interest. and seems like the guy is sweet and kind. so dont mess it up!

  • Well he gave you his number, so why dont you just ask him out? If you not comfortable with that yet, you can keep things going by texting and calling him, ask him questions, so him that your interested.

    • he himself texted me next morning, asking me about my leg. And he said do take medicines. And also that it was nice meeting you. I was a bit intoxicated but good conversation.

      what does he mean?

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    • Just text him (again) asking him a question reverent to that night. I can't specially tell you what to ask him, so thats up to you. If you want to keep conversing with him just have a normal conversation (through texting), just like you would would with another person.

    • I did think of cutting off contacts with him. So i messaged him saying
      " it was nice meeting you. I wish you good luck for the future. I dont think we would ever talk had we not been drunk. I wonder why you asked my number. Bye"

      So later i got a message from him saying

      "Yes its true :) and why you wishing me good luck. Are you going somewhere".

      Then i got confused cause i thought my message did show that i wanted to end contacts.

      Now i have replied him saying

      " i am not going anywhere. I feel awkard to continue messaging you cause we made friendship when drunk. It would be nice to meet again when sober. :) i will feel morw comfy and friendly.:)

      What do you think happened

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