Men, please decode his behavior. Jealous or not interested?

Went on a date with a guy I've been talking to for a bit now. We say a bunch how much we like each other and what not, and we haven't gotten physical beyond kissing (early stages).

So last night we were out, he's talking about how much he likes me and is attracted to me. Having a great time. He said at one point he thinks he likes me more than I like him. We end up running into his friends out and he's keeping one arm around me or on my leg the whole time, occasionally asking for kisses even though he said he hates PDA.

HOWEVER, on a couple occasions a guy either stared at me in front of him, or one guy even tried to chat me up while he was in the bathroom (and he came back and saw it). I tried to play it off but I could tell he was upset. His attitude changed for the rest of the night. He was still kissing and touching me, but he wasn't nearly as easy going or sweet with me.

He's still being distant today, so I asked if he was ok and he said fine just that he had a lot on his mind.

Later, he decides to go out with his friends and then got more distant when it came to talking to me, and then finally answered, sent me a picture of all the beer they were drinking and talking about how hard they were going to go. Long story but I know he did it to upset me or get under my skin. I just said "Have a great time babe :)" and he said "you too." Normally he's much sweeter and asking about my night and trying to chat.

What is this behavior? Are these signs of losing interest or is he just really that upset over last night? Guys, please decode this behavior.


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  • Yes he likes you, first he was showing you off in front of his friends.
    Yes he got jealous but the things he is doing to realize you that are just outright douchy.
    Confront him straight.
    If he still doesn't day anything and continue to do so then no matter how much he likes you ke isn't worth your time.

    • I think for some reason he thinks I was enjoying it and I wasn't. Maybe he felt embarrassed, I'm not sure. But you're right, he has a problem where he'll get upset and keep it bottled up for a few days and then either get over it or it will come out later. He'll never come about about it at the start even though I've asked him several times already what the deal is.

      Thing is he's so great otherwise. Sweet, smart, attractive, and not a player like 99% of the guys I meet. He used to be so easy going and cool about everything, and now the more we talk the more he gets upset easily and plays this distant game with me. I'm not sure what this means?

    • MAYBE he is just doing this because he thinks that you liked that guy more than him and you are going to leave him so by doing this he is protecting his heart.
      His actions are just shielding him.
      If you really likes him then get in the game, don't let him distance himself. Do something very good for him and be his trophy girl, show yourself off for him.
      And when he is fine again ask him what bothers him most.
      For the time being stop any asking.

    • I've stopped for now because I know he comes out with it in his own time. But it's getting difficult. I spent all day telling him how much fun I had, how I loved kissing him and being close to him. I'm always affectionate with him. He avoided all that talk today. But I can't keep doing this forever where I'm walking on eggshells :/ I worry about everything I say now because he's more easily hurt now than he was before.

      I'm not sure if he just likes me more now or what. He was the most easy going person ever before.

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