How do guys feel about being questioned about Intentions?

My friend just started talking to a guy and all of a sudden wants to allow her friends to sit around and ask a bunch of questions to the poor guy I'm telling her it's a bad idea. Just to further support my assumptions. Hey guys let me know if you want to be questioned when you're not even in a relationship yet. And tell me what you'd do after! Date her or Diss her?


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  • One girl asking me some questions - ok
    She invites bunch of girls at my table to ask me bunch of questions? - urghhh (though I would never say that to her)
    As for the question if I would date her or diss her - depends on if I like the girl or not.


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  • This is an absolutely stupid idea... no guy likes to feel interrogated.

  • I would have nothing to do with her ever again. In fact, I would outright hate her. I don't think I can express how angry I would be.


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