Am I thinking about it too much or are these signs that she wants to get back?

Ok so this girl broke up with me because she felt that I liked her more than she did.

Ok that's out the way.

She still skypes with me and we chat for about 3 or 4 hours. I do notice that she always wears lipgloss when she talks to me. It always seems she does her face before skyping.

I don't know but are these signs that she still is open to being with me? She lives in florida and I in NEw York. We still have the same chemistry but I guess the feelings are not there.

Is it only me or do I have a point? People help out.


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  • I think she still likes you, just didn't want to deal with the pain and struggle of an LDR. Especially considering that she talks to you for so long. Sorry the circumstances didn't work out, but know that some day, they will (whether it be with her or another girl) ;) Would you look at mine please? Thanks!


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  • It seems as if she still likes you. I don't believe that any girl would spend three or four hours talking to somebody who isn't important to her. It seems like she notices the chemistry as well but doesn't say anything because she initiated the previous break up. Just be open and talk to her about it. She should give you a direct answer. Hope this helps!

  • No, she just wants to look attractive. No girl wants to Skype or even take a photo without looking decent.


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