Screwed it up with the guy I like

Basically, this was the first time ever that I initiated a convo with a guy I liked (saw him at a training session) and once we started messaging, he asked me out for bowling and a movie... We went out that night and he was flirty, attentive and all the good things one wants.. He also was "helping" me play pool the right way, you know leaning over me to correct my shot and stuff.. we talked for looongg that day and he held my hand while crossing the road ( he picked my hand up first). I always am very independent, but tht day, I kinda liked it and let my hand be.

The second date also went off well,.. we got all wrestly while looking at his photo albums.. we were teasing each other and all.. oh btw.. he showed signs of annoyance when I was talking to this other guy I had met along with him at the training.. I took that as a positive sign..

Third time, we cooked dinner at my place and had fun.. but less than the first two times.. And the fourth date was absolutely awkward.. at least from my perspective.. he was shifty.. looking at other gals.. and in general gave a uncomfortable vibe when we went out dining.. like he didn't want to be seen with me in public..

We work at the same place.. and even tho we talk over phone or text each other and we seem to have a good rapport. he doesn't even acknowledge me in office.. and this last time.. his senior , he and I were in the senior's car and that guy dropped me at my place.. later that night I my crush and I got talking and he kinda seemed p*ssed and wen I mentioned that his senior casually let slip that he (senior) was single.. my crush said "Oh now I get ur type.. you want an easy catch".. I felt real real bad to hear this.. and cleared it with him saying "I'm not looking for a catch, easy or otherwise" ... from then convo got real stilted and I did not text or chat with him.. he himself pinged me online the other day and talked as if nothing was wrong.. but before he pinged me there were 5 times when both were online, but he did not talk..

Two other random incidents I guess cud be bad are: 1. I kinda let slip that someone else I would like to kiss him... he told me the other person mentioned it... but never said anything ... 2. he keeps saying I'm fat :(

what do you guys think? is he having a bad impression on me because I kinda made the first move by texting him? ( remember tho that he was the one who invited me out for bowling)) .. will this be bad for me as he seems like a guy who might carry tales.. is this guy interested me in at all?


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  • Sometimes dates go well at 1st and then you run out of things to say or things in common, that could be part of it. His signs of jealousy I consider an unstable sign, not a good one. His shiftyness in public means either he has a wife/GF an is worried about running into someone he knows, or possibly he thinks he can do better than you.

    He seems shady. I can't pin down what his real deal is, but he ain't right. The fact that he calls you fat is unacceptable and he should be cut for that alone.

    Run for the hills, my friend, run for the hills.


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