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i was in my music business class today...and we watched a video with some famous artists talking about different aspects of the music of those artists happened to be the movie producer/metal/industrial...rob zombie

he went on to say that when ur signed to a small independent label...u wind up getting screwed...and you go to a major label where you have ur success...

so why am I telling you this...well I have a theory that if you date someone younger than you...they will wind up screwing you over and you wind up marrying someone older than you...and or the same age...

here's my question

do you think this theory is right?

explain why, if you'd like

oh, btw, most of my dad's gf's were younger than him...he wound up marrying my mom (a year older than him)

  • Yes, I've gotten screwed over when dating someone younger than me and have gone on to marry someone older or my age
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  • No...that's a load of can you get that from your class
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  • Both....(though I don't think you really can have both)
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  • Neither...come up with a new theory...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't understand the comparison at all, and I don't think your theory is right either. Whether or not you end up getting screwed over by a partner has to do with them as an individual, not their age. Plus, even if you marry someone older than you, the other person in the relationship will still have married someone younger.


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  • Well yeah usually. When older men date women who are much younger, usually the younger girls are in it for the financial benefit and/or the status. Honestly there would be no reason other than financial that I could see dating a guy that much older than me. You would have pretty much nothing in common, and younger guys are more attractive anyway, and older men usually have their sh*t together so they can afford to spend more money. So that's probably why men who date younger women get screwed.


What Guys Said 1

  • Its something completely unrelated.

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