How do you text a guy your really into after a huge fight?

So the title speaks for itself, and simply some opinions would be nice.

I'm really crazy about this guy, and I know he's just as crazy about me but we recently got into a huge fight that has basically strained our relationship. I know he cares just as much about me as I do him, because we both said we were breaking each others hearts during the argument (however he didn't seem to care when I said it because he was being irrational). Since our fight he has cut me off and we haven't spoken. My friend told me to give him space to cool off and to try and contact him after a week or so.

I've been ready and eager to contact him for days, because I care so much about him. But when I think about what to say, I'm at a loss. Being that I'm ALWAYS the first to make contact after a fight with anyone (rolling eyes).
I don't plan on bringing up the fight because I don't want hostility of course. But I do believe we need to sit down with each other at some point to discuss it. Because we left it very poorly.

I just find it odd that when asked by my friend "well what would you say?" my first thought was..."I don't know,... "Hey.."

Here's an update... didn't text me back, possibly blocked my number.. ugh


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  • I think you might just have to go with hey

  • Ask him if he wants to have sex in order to make up.

    Problem solved (I'm serious).

    • won't lie this made me laugh haha. But I have to get him to talk to me and hear me out first.

      but yes... make up sex sometimes works.

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