Casual Encounter on CL?

Hi, first time using GAG, so new to this. Need some opinions
So I met up with this guy from CL because I haven't been with anybody for a year and wanted the experience. So I replied to his post. And we meet that same day. Anyway I was nervous because I never do this with a stranger. So he got us a room and I though it was good and we seemed to have chemistry. We left and told him that yes I like this and that we can continue. He text me the following morning saying how great it was and that he liked that I went down on him. He wanted me to give him a bj the day after but He couldn't because he got of work late. So next day we met up and gave him a bj only. After we were done he said that it was one of the best bj he has ever received and I took that as a compliment. We continue to text and this happen within 3 days. here's the problem, that day he text wanting to see me so I agreed to meet up him. When time came I sent him a text saying that I was about to meet me up at our spot. When I got their told him that I was waiting for him. No replied nothing and the last text that I got from him was two hours before we agreed to meet? What happen, I don't understand what went wrong within those 3 days. I thought it was great and he seemed to be really enjoying it too. I don't know why would he bail on me after all those text. Those conversations that we had seemed real. Anyway I just can't let this go, I want to know what went wrong.
Thanks guys, I know this is long. :)


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  • his gf or wife was out of town and needed some fresh meat and a BJ with effort, and you gave him just that...

    • wow, I got caught up in the moment and never though of that. He said that she already had a boyfriend. Now that you mention he had a rental car.

  • You sure he wasn't married?

    • He said he broke up with his gf 3 months ago.

    • OK, but what about his wife? 😂 It really sounds like it was something he was interested in and enjoyed, but some situation in his life prevented further contact. Who posted the ad on CL? If he did, I'd keep an eye on CL for a while and see if he posts another. Then you'll know he's just a player.

    • He said he was not married nor kids. He is 2 years younger than me. He posted the Ad and saw interest in him.

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