Just asked a girl out, but it didn't go as planned. What should I do?

I just asked a girl out on an actual date the first time. I had spent time with her today studying for a test and on the bus stop I really felt like I have to do it. I had a plan but I kinda just blurted it out and she seemed surprised, but said yes. We didn't have enough time to plan the exact date and I said I'll text or call her later. Now I'm feeling really unsure, I feel excited and disappointed at the same time cause I was really nervous. Did I ruin it? I had a plan ti ask her out on a restaurant but I didn't ger far enough. What should I do now? Should I call her (today?) and plan the date or talk with her later? I will see her in school tomorrow anyway.

I've never felt anything like this before, I guess it's because I really do like her. I've known her for a while already.


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  • You done fine man, she probably felt the same as you as you was together around each others energy all day.
    If she was nervous and done that you would still like her wouldn't you?
    Call her for a chat, not just to discuss the date.
    Just say sorry "your really nice and I like hanging out with you so I wanted to ask you out for dinner somewhere but I got really nervous for some reason".
    After her response you can ask her again, and then push further to discuss where and when.
    Don't worry about it you're human and we all do so it at some point in life. :)


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  • You tell her she seemed surprised ask her what she honestly thinks. If she said yes then good luck if she said no then better luck next time.

  • She wasn't expecting it, but you're fine. Sure, call her up and sort out the details. Good luck! :)

  • You didn't screw up as badly as you think, you will only have screwed up if you do not finish planning out the date or if you start creepin on her