Do I email this guy or will I seem like a stalker?

Okay so me and this guy went out for like 4 months right... everything was going good or at least I thought and then a month ago he drops off the face of the planet, he stops reading my texts and then I get a message from Kik saying his phones been disconnected.

For some reason this situation is just getting the fucking best of me. Cuz it makes no sense, we got along great and he's a good guy it doesn't make sense he wouldn't at least tell me. So I just realized now that I have his email... and I'm not sure if I should send him one or just leave it and forget it?

I have no clue why this got under my skin so much but it just did and like... I just want an answer. Like if he texted back "things just weren't working" I'd be like "okay have a great life bye" and be over it but the situation is just obnoxiously open ended

Like I said I really don't care that much if he lost interest... it's just the open endedness of it and the fact it doesn't make an ounce of sense lol.


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  • The Same “oh i don't think it’s going so well let me think over it and the come back ”or Damon Lindelof thing again.

    Or he's “too polite” to say goodbye. Must work at retail or something.


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  • I would suggest you just move on from this one.

    Not everyone knows the best way to end a relationship. Clearly this guy has now clue on how to do it with class and dignity.

    Let it go and move on. There are better guys out there just waiting to get to know you!

    • I actually emailed him anyway aand he had a good explanation and it was what I thought and he said he missed me but I don't know. I'm kinda over it

    • At least you got an answer from him.

      If you over him, make sure you let him know. Don't leave him hanging like you felt he did to you.

  • It sounds best for you to just move on. It appears for some reason or another that he's not interested in you anymore. Save yourself any more grief and find someone that will love you and always will - not just short term.

  • This is gonna hurt, but he isn't interested. We are very persistent as guys. We will find a way to talk to a girl we like. I went to jai right after I started dating a girl and I didn't want her to think I was ignoring her, so I had my sister her my phone from the police, text her and tell her what happened. We'd only been dating a month. He either blocked you or changed his number. I mean I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask, but he's probably going to say that. Sorry

    • It literally makes no sense. He's very principled id think he would at least tell me. If not then like I said screw him I don't care. But I do know that he had a lot of personal stuff going on (like depressing extremely sad personal stuff) so there's that.

      But whatever.. im not "that girl". I have never in my life been "that girl". which is why it's frustrating me..

    • I know what you mean, had the same thing happen to me with a couple girls, but I did reach out a while later and they were less than kind lol. "Did you not get it when I quit answering?" Like wow I just wanted to know what happened. Didn't want you to have to go through that

    • Honestly I would take that. A straight up answer. But the situation makes me think it's not that black and white anyway

  • For what ever reason this is the best way to get under women's skin. I wouldn't talk to him. If he actually liked you he would put in the effort to talk to you.


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