Guys how do I put myself out there? For guys to notice me? Is it that I'm to ugly? I'm around 5'6 and weigh 116?

At times at school I wear crop tops and high waisted pants so I don't show to much do much with my hair. Yet I feel invisible. I try to talk to guys but they seem to go for the girls who wear makeup which I don't. I talk to guys, not a lot but the ones who talk to me first, is something wrong with me? Or do I have to put myself out there more? Am I to thin for a liking? Those pretty girls with make up have it easy because guys go to them, what should I do?


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  • Ok, you saying that does not tell us if you are ugly. Or really much about you.

    Don't change how you look to entice guys, b/c you will attract the wrong guys.


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