Why does he only visits when he wants sex?

I've know a guy for about two months now and out those two months we've seen each other 3x an had sex he says I'm worth the drive he takes to see me but I wanna do more than backseat action at bootycall hours. I've told him my feelings but its not sticking 😕

I would say a hour if not 30min but I tried to be nice a push him away to leave me alone but its not working


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  • Babe, its because you're a booty call. If you're not OK with that, u need to really kick him out. Stop sleeping with him.


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  • He is just there to use you for a sex object. SOrry to say, but that's the truth. If I have been you I would ditch him after seeing him like that. I would first try to talk with him, if it didn't work I would ditch that bastard. Easy and simple. Not worth it at all.

    it's sad but sometimes much bad things are hide between guys that look good and sexy. :(

    • Thanks for the advice I know what you mean

  • Well, you got be bold and tell him your intentions in relationship
    if not the same behavior with him will continue it's your decision
    i could never date girl who would just come to me for sex and
    than leave me for maybe another 3 months..

  • Yet... you keep fucking him. Nuff said.

    Why would he give a shit what yo uwant? He still gets what he wants.

  • You sort of just answered your question lol

    Because he just wants sex


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  • he's telling you what you want to hear, your a booty call... if you don't like It tell him you don't want to be just his booty call... decide from there if you want to continue.

  • My first thought as an answer to your question is: "because he only wants sex".
    How long does he have to drive? If it's like 20-30 minutes, some guys do drive that amount of time just for sex.

    • I commute 75 minutes each way to work.

      I'd drive further than 30 minutes for sex lol.

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    • If you want something more than just sex, that's a good idea to finish things :)
      Good luck!

    • If seen guys travel 6 hours from provinces or states lol