Sound simple but I need help on how to ask her out (situation issue) ?

OK so I've basically wanted to ask my crush now for a while now but it always seems like the wrong time. I have class with her on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about two hours (with my friends as well) but it always seems like after we part ways after the second class she sort of darts out and I don't have much of a chance to talk. One of the issues is it would be a bit harder to ask her out if I was in front of all my friends and if I asked her out before the 2 hour block of classes it might be awkward for her (personally for me it wouldn't be, I can deal with it).

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't usually see her and we wouldn't meet up unless there was an actual reason to (ie. schoolwork) and even then to meet for school work isn't often because Facebook is more accessible for communication.


Just thought i'd note, I haven't really a clue whether or not she is even interested, it's like an intermediate zone of friends and someone you go to class with lol but I'm doing it anyways.


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