I'm quite overweight and this guy asked me out for running, is he into me or just trying to be friendly?

A guy from my workplace broke up with his gf recently. I've been wondering if he's flirting with me… he calls and txts me regularly on free time. I'm feeling a bit self conscious because I've gained some weight and am quite overweight at the moment. I'm working on to lose it, though… Anyway, when we were talking he brought up that he has been sensing I'm feeling insecure about my weight, and I admitted he was right.

He asked what kind of exercise I like and I said running, and then he asked if I'd like to go for a running date? I said I'm not in the best shape and too slow for his pace, but he said it doesn't matter and he would really like to go with me…

Do you think he is just being friendly or might he be interested in me?


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  • He may be into you, and he's encouraging running.
    I think that's awesome:)

    • well he seems to be a really great guy :)

    • Keep it up, and you'll both be good together;)

    • I texted him and agreed going, and he already asked me if we can go tomorrow :) :) So happy, thanks everyone for encouraging :)

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  • He sounds nice, and is probably into you. And he is investing in you by helping you to lose weight.

    • He is very nice and kind to me! :) I like him a lot.

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  • It's hard to tell but only one way to find out! You should go! He sounds like a nice guy! (:

    • Okay :) :) I'm just afraid he will laugh at me or something so I'm not sure I should go, although I'd love to...

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    • That's true :) thanks

    • No problem! Try not to overthink it too much. (:

  • He could be. Might as well go!

    • Thanks :)) I decided to give it (him) a shot!

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