I want to ask her to be my Girlfriend. But she's having family problems, and I'm not sure what to do?

I've gone on a few dates with her, and I want to ask her to be my girlfriend. But she recently opened up to me about some family issues, and its put a bit of a damper concerning me asking her to be my girlfriend. It hasn't made me not want to ask her, but Im not sure if she's feeling fit for a committed relationship right now. I know that some people would like a significant other to help them get through these sort of issues, and some are the complete opposite, and want nothing to do with a relationship with issues like this. Although, she says that she would love to keep seeing me, and I'm extremely confident that she likes me.

She's going back home starting next Friday , for 10 days, and says that she'll be "recharged" after getting a break from school and spending some time with family.

But I'm not sure what I can do from my side. Do I bring the subject of being bf/gf before or after she leaves and comes back? How can i make things easier for her and make her feel more comfortable? any help, and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Definitely wait until after she comes back. You sound very considerate and sweet and if you wait, she'll be able to recognize that too and you'll get brownie points haha! Props to you for being so kind. Would you look at mine please? Thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1312996-was-it-more-about-me-or-the-parents

    • Sure thing, ill take a look! Ill wait till she gets back to ask her out. But should I check up on her every so often? I'll talk to her anyways, but in regards to her family issues should i bring that up?

    • Don't bring it up unless she does. You can tell her you're there for her, but you don't want to seem nosy. And trust me, if she wants to bring it up, she will, and just let her vent. Women love guys who can just listen ;)

    • Alright, I can do that. thanks!

  • If she has family issues then she has family issues. If you're her boyfriend she might need your support. That's how it works. If you feel you can't handle that, then dating her might not be a good idea. Ask her after she gets back. That will give you time to think about it and you never know, the issue might be resolved by then.

    • I think, as her boyfriend I could offer support in whatever measure she needs. Id also be willing to.

    • then go ahead and ask her

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