Guys ! I scared him? He might be potentially dangerous?

My friends with benefits moved and we still texted but barely, anyways my friend sent me a picture of a baby and said doesn't this remind you of "s" ? It did look like him and I sent him the pic and said "omg this baby looks just like you!" And he texted back in less than a min (fastest he's ever replied to me)& said " Naww not really. Whos baby is that? Not mine, Then he called me and said "it hasn't been 9 months yet" then I explained to him how my friend sent me it. Later he sent me a n emoji thing where at first its love & $$$ then once a baby appears he kills me and runs away. Then when I asked him about it he said i scared him

@vet lmao it wasn't even just thd dmoji but he said it in words himself & your cool bc u correct spelling? This is the internet i dont need to focus on grammar like how i do in college & i know your dumb af bc nigga isn't a word used just for blacks. Go rot in hell you stupid white piece of trash lmao. Fuucking crackers


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  • how the hell does that mean he is potentially dangerous? It just means he doesn't want a kid?

    • If your dumb enough to not know why why tf are u even answering the question? Lmao niggaa bye

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    • Wow, this asker seems like some underprivileged child. She should get herself a dictionary. And this question is really stupid.

    • LOL @ the asker for hiding behind anon, and throwing out racist crap.

      Again, go swallow a dictionary.

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  • He probably doesn't wants to have a baby

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