How can I keep a guy from talking too much on the phone?

I hate talking to guys on the phone. It always seems to turn into a long-winded monologue where all I do is praise them and pretend to laugh. What am I don't wrong? How can I keep this from happening? It happens with almost every guy I date, so I think it's something I do.

It makes me not want to answer the phone when a guy in dating calls.


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  • You don't ask direct yes or no questions do you. You ask open ended shit.

    • It could be. I'll have to pay attention. What are good yes and no questions to ask?

    • "Was work easy today?" vs "Did you have a good day?"

    • Good stuff! I'll have to try it out.

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  • why dont you ahve a story? make him laugh?


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  • not all guys do that. your bound to find one that dosent do that.

    • I think I bring it out in them! Haha! My ex bf talked so long without stopping that he ran out of breath sometimes lol.

    • damn. ok then maybe you ask explanatory questions which require lots of talking. maybe let them ask you questions so you can do the talking

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