Is he avoiding me? or is he just busy?

So my boyfriend and I haven't spoken since Wednesday due to his phone being off I ran into his friends on the weekend (last night and Friday) and they told me he had said he was going to Seattle to give his mom and sister something and would be back (Sunday) today which made me feel a bit better he had an exam Friday and apparently has one on Monday as well he has his phone back on now but he hasn't answered my calls or texts and hasn't got ahold of me yet I`m thinking he's busy studying but I could be wrong we will have been going out for 5 months in only a few days and he's usually glued to his phone unless he's with me or his friends and or is sleeping sometimes when he's studying I guess my question is does it seem like he is avoiding me? or thats he's probably just busy? could use the advice please.


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  • No it doesn't seem like he is avoiding you it seems like he is just busy
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  • Could be busy but sounds like he's avoiding you, but jumping to the conclusion that he's cheating might be a little far. He might just want some space or something, we're not all very tactful when it comes to telling you how we're feeling and often saying that you want some space ends up hurting feelings. Just stick with it and find out when you see him. GL.

    • Usually when he says he needs a bit of space I just simply check with him that nothings wrong and he's not upset/mad with me if neither is the case I will say ok when you are done having your space give me a text or phone call I will admit that at first I overreacted when he told me maybe I can't see you when I asked him if he could see me Thursday and said he knew himself he would be distracted if I were around him when he studied for his exam and wouldn't get any of his reading/studying for his exam since he he no troubles with doing his homework around me and is able to complete it usually but after a bit of thinking I realized I overreacted and sent a quick text saying sorry I was in a bad mood I overreacted study for your exam and call or text me when your done to try to clear the air a bit to show I understood I was overreacting and was sorry I was told by his friends that he had another exam Monday (tomorrow) so could be busy with studying since he's been in Seattle

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    • Personally if it was me i would reply with a text but that's only since I've found out how worried my fiance gets when I don't reply, its really hard to message someone you like/love telling them that you don't have time for them because you know no matter how you say it it's going to hurt them.

      I hope that he is just studying and busy, maybe when you get to seeing him just let him know that you'd prefer to know that he's too busy so you don't worry about him. Just suggest a quick message every now and then saying he's thinking of you or that the study is going well/badly, doesn't have to be much just that little bit of contact might make it easier for both of you.


    • Yeah it would make it much easier for me and probably would for him as well I can't help it I have always been one to over think even tho I try hard not to and am working on not doing that as much but hopefully he is just busy and yes good point he use to not text me when he planned on me busy but before this he was really working on it for me and had started to get better at telling me but then he didn't this time who knows for sure tho hopefully I run into him at school this week and thanks :)

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  • Guys love to feel wanted send him a cute pic no nude sends the wrong message send him a cute message saying I know your busy but just wanted to tell you I love you if you guys are at that part and don't reply give him a couple days if he don't reply cute your ties if he wants you he will let you know

    • Yes I will try that thanks that is a good idea :)

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  • Avoiding. He can send a text or answer a call if he cared to tell you what he was doing but he doesn't seem to care. If he has time to see his mates and take a trip, he can send a text. He is choosing not to.

    • Thats kind of where I`m coming from it shouldn't be hard to text quick thanks

    • I bet he sent his mates a text but not his gf?

  • I once told I was too busy to date him and I didn't want to keep him waiting around for me. Three days before I told him that I pretended to be very busy. I wasn't busy. I just didn't like him anymore.

    • Yeah I guess I will find out was gonna try to see if I ran into him at school you would think he would just tell me tho

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  • Umm he's avoiding you and he probably went there also with his other gf

    • Nope his family (mom and sister live there) but seems like it could be avoiding guess I will find out when I go to school if I see him thanks