Why does my LDR boyfriend of 18 months never say he loves me in person only in a goodnight message?

We met 1 month before we left for college & I was going 10 hours away. He was crazy about me but it slowly faded over time and things settled down. We saw each other a few times & had winter break together which we argued a lot during. He is a D1 college baseball player & is very busy spring semester. We had only seen each other once that semester & he had lost interest and wasn't being nice or attentive. When I confronted him about it he had said his feelings changed but I tried to hold on since summer was starting. He agreed & we spent the summer together, which started out great but had some issues mid way and he seemed less interested again towards August. When we left for school again this past fall I was closer (1hour away) due to a transfer and we saw each other every 3 weeks & we had a good winter break but now his baseball season is starting again (D1) and he has no time & barely texts. I've started having doubts about things & realized he is not affectionate at all, only kisses me when we say goodbye & never says he loves me, only in goodnight texts. We've been together in a LDR for 18 months and spend all college breaks together in the same town & he asks to hang out frequently and we get along well but it feels more like friends since he shows no affection. Am I being used as a convenient relationship he doesn't have to put effort into or could he just have issues with expressing feelings? Im confused and unhappy & am rapidly losing interest & feel I deserve better. I want a boyfriend who actually shows he loves and cares about me with words and actions. I dont know if most guys are like him & I am being too picky or I have a right to feel this way. Am I being used for sex & someone to fill his time at home or would a guy not bother texting and visiting if he could easily get it from sluts at college? Do guys show their love in other ways that I am missing? Would he stay in a relationship this long if he didn't have strong feelings? Please help!!


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  • Can you really love someone when the majority of your relationship is long distance and you became long distance so soon after getting together?