How many times of seeing your new date until you really get to know them, or get a good feel of the type of person they are?

I'm so confused about this guy. I knew him from when we were in college. We reconnected. He's grown up and I'm just not sure about him. He's interested in me. I'm intereste in him but he's lied to impress me. So I'm turned off.

We've gone out maybe 5 times and have kissed/made out. But I get this impression of him, like that he's rowdy (he claims he has no friends... Admittedly, he IS on playstation a lot) but he seems rough around the edges. I can't tell.

He was so sweet to me one night. Then acted comfortable and more perhaps "himself" the very next time I saw him.

He seems awkward and then he can seem sure of himself. I'm just not sure.

We've only seen eachother that many times and I'm wondering if it's normal for me to not have a good read on him yet? Or if it's just him. And maybe I never will until I'm in too deep. Which is it, what do I do?


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  • It takes years.


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  • Didn't take me long to figure out my boyfriend but maybe because we see each other everyday


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  • I don't know.. Some people can just be harder to read than others. But if you have a weird feeling in your gut then go with it. I believe in female intuition and that can save you from something really bad