Have you ever been the other woman? How did you feel? How did you stop?

I am the other woman in my screw toy's life.
I have strong feelings or him that is why I am not ready to give him up yet.

I know what I am doing is wrong. But I feel like I liked him first.

Have you ever been the other person before? Please don't judge.


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  • You stop by using empathy. Imagine how she feels. Even if it's not solely your fault, do you want to contribute to someone's heartbreak?

    The most noble thing you could do is to tell her. The second most noble would be to ignore him and move on.

    Nothing good will come from a man who cheats and whats said is true. If he lacks the respect of his current gf he also lacks any respect for you.

    • Oh I do want to tell her.. but I am at fault too. LIsten, this is the first guy I have done this. I hate the person I have become. Ireally do.

    • Everyone makes mistakes and some people can be very demanding and persuasive. In some cases I bet a guy can even make a woman his "other" even if she doesn't want to be. Lies contribute, manipulation.. It's always more complicated than we think.

      Whatever the scenario, use it as a learning experience. You deserve more than this and there are much better guys out there that will gladly be your one and only. Don't think you have turned into a bad person. You control your actions even if it is possible to make a mistake from time to time, so time to prove to yourself you can make a turn for the better.

    • That is a great answer- I will definitely change.

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  • He may leave her for you but then he will fuck someone behind your back goodluck

    • He already did that

    • Im sorry but your a fool and the reason why most guys think all girls are easy and will bow to whatever they want he has no respect for you but how wide you can open your legs

  • I'm currently in this position. I told friends of mine and the taken guys that we've been together. Last I knew he was telling his girl but i believe he wants to stay with her.

  • Nope, I have way too much self respect and love for female unity to stoop to such a grimy level.
    You are so judged. What you are doing is disgusting and wrong. Women like you don’t deserve anything greater than a cheater.

  • Do you really like him that much if you refer to him as "screw toy"?

    • If I can;t have him, I want him to be my screw toy? Or maybe "love making angel"

    • I see.

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