Latinas who date White Men, Why do you despise Black men so much?

I'm asking this because Latinas these days seems to be crazy about white guys and hate black and latino men. Why don't Hispanic women ever approach Black men especially in campus and on public? There's intelligent Black men who are financially secure, good looking and has morals and goals just like everyone else. Are you inferior to white men or your just a flat out racist? Why do you exclude black men so much That you don't want to date? What have we done to you? I just want to know.


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  • Im a latina and my boyfriend is black. so by that being said not all of us latinas want white. I know a lot of latinas who like only black guys

    • What state do you live in and do you have beautiful lips? didn't mean to take things personal.

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    • I'm asking this because the hot ones goes for white guys.

    • Haha well I don't know about all that lol id show you a pic but I don't know how to send one here :b

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  • There are PLENTY of Latinas that date black men though?
    My friends boyfriend is white, but that doesn't mean she hates black and Hispanic men.


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  • Quit being a pansy and go up to a Latina and show her you know how to turn it up
    They Love Fun. They Love to Bailando, They love to just chill, ain't nothing about
    being racist or shiz

    be the nice guy when you find the bad girl that you wanna spend naked time with jeeesh man.