How can I attract a girl if I only have descent average looks?

There is this girls I see a lot. But she's quite beautiful, every guys is on her but she's single. I'm not the best looking guy but I do take care of myself. Is there ways I can get her more into me? Do girls care a lot about face looks? I see her a lot


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  • Women care about looks just like men. But what really matters is respect and personality. Chivalry. It matters. Be extremely respectful! Kind. Funny. Be yourself at all times. Hold the door open for her when you can! Stuff like that. Women love it because not many men are very chivalrous anymore. I'd also just talk to her like you would anyone. Find out what she likes. Let her get to know you. Then you can start flirting.

    • So don't go straight to the point right? Like be friends with her?

    • Be friends, but don't friend zone yourself. Simply get to know her. Just don't be overly flirtatious. When you hold the door open for her, smile at her and compliment her looks, she'll get the message.

    • Last thing, what are some things to not do to avoid getting friend zoned

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  • Here are some tips from me: practice good hygiene, get some new clothes, and find ways to do some self-improvement (whether it means getting a new ride, getting a job and/or going to school, getting physically fit, or boosting your self-esteem). And like an earlier poster said, it doesn't hurt to be respectful (but don't be a doormat).