I find myself very frustrated, and just want to know if anyone else is in the same situation or have dealt with it before?

I feel like no matter what I do I can't catch a break with any females. I have never had girlfriend in my life and I honestly feel like no one has been interested in me. I have/had friends say to me that I am a great guy and which ever girl gets to date me will be very lucky.

I know who I am, I know that I am not the most attractive person in the world but at the same time I know I am not the worst looking person in the world. I have always had a great sense of humor and I am truly a good guy, if you are good to me I will do whatever I can for you. I know I have change quite a bit, like the older I got the more anti social I have become.

I feel like I am just rambling on but I am just very frustrated today.

Hopefully someone can relate with me. I know it isn't the end of the world but sometimes I take a step back and I look at people around me and ask myself what do they have that I don't.


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  • First of all... I use to think the same way every girl I came upon. Just really didn't look interested in me. My problem was that I wasn't being myself. I've been told I'm good looking, but it really came down to being myself in front of girls. Also, being comfortable around them. It wasn't until I was 20 when I had my first gf... Then we broke up and I was single for 5 years until recently... You need to find out why you think it's not working out. Good looking or ugly it don't matter. You need to find out the problem. Yes, I use to be on the same boat brother. I use to be anti social also... Be confident, know your range, go out talk more.. I waited 5 years for my gf now. It wasn't because I was anti social or not being myself.. I talked to a lot of girls when I broke up with my ex. They just wasn't it. Read my bio of you want to pm me you can. I'm about to sleep. Best of luck mate.. You'll find her

    • I have no problem being myself as I don't see the put in being fake or being someone I am not. I am in comfortable and confident, but I believe my biggest problem is that I am a very shy person when I meet someone for the first time because I like to see how their personality is. And another problem is that I don't put myself out there as much as I should as well. And it is hard because all my friends are either married or in a long term relationship so the bar scene is passed them. Which I am not a big fan of picking people up at bars to begin with.

      I have tried online dating numerous of times and I may have a quick conversation with a girl maybe 1 out of 20 messages sent. I know some day something will happen for me, and I can't force someone to like me. I can only control what I can do, I can't control how people view me or think about me.

    • You're right you can't control how people view or think about you. As you can tell by my username. I use to be shy also. If you haven't checked out my bio then you should've known without me telling you. I agree with the bar scene. I wouldn't pick up girls there either. Online dating is ehhhhhhh... I'm dating a much younger girl than me. As we get older it will be much harder to meet girls unless you want to go to a club or a bar aha. Personally I wouldn't want a girl who is a party animal most the time people rather get drunk to have fun. Instead of drinking to socialize. Before I was talkative girls would always be like he is cute, but so shy. First impression is everything. I suggest making small talk with strangers like cashiers.. etc etc.. It took me a while to get over my shyness.

  • I can relate to you what is your age?

    • I will be 28 in a couple weeks

    • I just turned 27 a few weeks ago and I am the same

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