Does my bestfriend like me back?

I still remember the first day we met he wouldn't take his eyes off me, since then he has been trying to get with me. I always tried to act like i wasn't interested because at the time i had a boyfriend (he still tried) We have chemistry I didn't even know existed, I feel like he's my twin flame. We been friends for years, then he moved away and found a girlfriend.

When he came to town I had to tell him how I really felt so i told him i liked him and he asked why i always played hard to get so i told him the truth (i was dating another man). Since then we hung out afew times, he always asks how i am, stares at me, smiles, compliments me when i change my look. I got mad at him for being with someone else and tried ignoring him then he asked me why i didn't say hi to him when i walked in the room. But when i seen him last time he didn't talk to me so i asked how he was doing..

He told me he always wanted to be with me, that he cares about me a lot, he would kill to protect me, he will always be there for me, i belong with someone better than him (more wealthy) and good looking, THEN told me he sees me as his best friend.. I was confused. Because after that he kept trying to hug me and kiss my hand, staring into my eyes! Trying to touch me (not sexually) he's still dating the girl but i feel like our connection is 10x stronger im completely in love with him and need a second opinion! Thanks!


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  • I'd still take it kind slow. Just cause sex and getting too close too fast can make or break you guys. I do think he likes you back baby.

    • Yeah i been trying to take it slow we never done anything sexual like that only hugging i just dont get why he wouldn't admit he still likes me even if he's dating someone new.

    • simply that, it's because he's dating someone it would be kind of disrespectful to her don't you think

    • Yeah that's why i haven't tried making a move i just wish i knew how he felt thats all.

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  • He probably likes you both but right now has a gf. So basically the situation you were in except reversed.