Guys would you like it if a girl offered to make you dinner?

Me and him only had a few dates. I want to make him dinner! Would you like that? Also what should I make and how can I make it special and romantic and cute? Also how can I bring it up/ ask him


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  • where are you, you need to be in my life! lol

    I would love if a woman made me dinner, you should make him something he has mentioned he likes
    or try a pasta dish, they are simple, Italian, and romantic
    add a bottle of red wine i suggest a bottle of chianti! and MWAH!!!

    you could surprise him!


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  • Yes. Make whatever you're good at making. The fact that you made it for him is what makes it romantic, special, and cute. Bring it up by saying "Let me make dinner for you tomorrow!" and smile big. He can't say no to that.

  • Totally but don't go over board with fancy dishes, sometimes you simple can be seductive, a simple pasta dish is a bit cliche OR ask him what he wants for dinner and make it, maybe you will learn a new recipe

  • Yes, but she has to be prepared for a Gordon Ramseyesque critique.


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