I don't want to get over a guy but he makes me depressed?

I've liked him for too long. He helped me grow as a person and he has been such a huge part of my life that it's almost like I like being depressed over him. I no longer want a happy "fairtytale" like relationship because they make me feel sick but rather one filled with drama apparently?

What is wrong with me?


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  • My apologies, I don't understand the question. The "liked him for too long", "like being depressed over him" and "no longer want a happy fairytail like relationship" parts baffle me. Do you really feel this way? Are you sure you're in love with him? Maybe you're still just a bit immature. Nothing really wrong with that, but try to spare his heart if you can, will you?

  • I've recently ended an extremely involved relationship after over half a decade and a child (she's beautiful, smart, and the easiest part of my life) As much as I will always love her (baby mama) I find that we do not work as a couple. For a long time it has felt like she is obsessed with negativity. I don't think it is intentional, but she has made a habit of self sabotage. I've tried to keep her focused on positives in life for so long to no avail. Even accepted her despite multiple instances of infidelity. I have spent all my time trying to save us, but she has constantly and falsely accused me of f'd up things. I've always tried my hardest to show her I love her, which has included depriving myself of human interaction. Aside from co workers, the only person I've spent anytime with has been her. In fact I can count on two hands how many times I have seen my best friend in years (not like he lives far away) I get called out constantly on the smallest of things and made to feel like I'm the biggest shit head in the world. But I always accept, and let her do what she wants in hopes that it will make her happy yet she's still depressed. Of course there are upsides too, but they have come to be outweighed by the bad. Every complaint she has can be traced back to our relationship. We overwhelm ourselves and it makes it hard to exist in general. I know that I've not wanted anything more than to be together and believe that she wants the same, but neither of us deserves what it has become and deserve a chance to be happy in life. We are to young to be so down and out. And for that reason I have decided to try and give ourselves that chance. This all started so long ago and has been my entire life which has made it extremely hard to assimilate back into real life. I still feel as though I belong to her and don't ever hang out with anyone despite being extremely personable and outgoing in my opinion. So I just keep looking ahead.

    You shouldn't let it get that far though.


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