How did your worst date ever go?

So I was wondering what was the worst date you have had. Like how well you connected with the person. If they offended you. Like I took a girl to a school dance and a day-date, I barely knew her but I thought what the heck. But we just didn't connect or have anything in common. We eventually ditched each other at the dance. The following Monday I found out that she recited everything I said and did and completely criticized me for everything and to my friends at that. I am a fairly cordial date if I don't like the girl but this chick took the cake on my worst date ever.


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  • Well I have been on two dates in my life, but..

    I was 14, he was 13; we'd been 'going out' for like maybe a week or so and his Dad took us bowling (his parents were divorced and his Dad lived quite far away; he was visiting). It wasn't so weird that we went somewhere with his family I suppose because of how young we were; but it was with his Dad, his stepbrother (who was quite unkind to me in school), his sister and some of his sister's friends; none of whom I'd met before except for the stepbrother. And being really quite introverted and shy I was very uncomfortable being around all these new people and I was super nervous that I was being judged by his family. And let's face it, bowling is kinda lame; and it was loud so we could barely talk to one another anyway; and there was that weird social role conflict going on where he was acting like how he acted around his family but I was used to him acting how he did at school/around me and that was weird.. I don't know, I just remember this as being an experience that freaked me out and was one of the many things that made me go 'I'm not ready to be a girlfriend!' and break up with him..

    • Wow I took the girl bowling for a day date... Well I am taking bowling off the table for good dates

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  • Okay, okay okay. I have two stories. They are FANTASTIC

    1.) Cody. He was 19, I was 16, we met in my high school criminology class. We kiiinda clicked, and when my birthday rolled around he got me some nice gifts and asked me out on a date. I thought he was sweet, and that it was worth a shot. His mom came. To make sure we didn't touch each other's "royalty parts" because she didn't want me filing statutory rape charges.

    2.) Damian. He was 18, I was 17. We had been together for 3 months when I got tickets to go see KillSwitch Engage, and we decided to use it as a date. My dad told him to watch me (I'm 5'3 and 130 pounds-- he was 6'1 and easily 170) and help me if there was any trouble. Well. A mosh pit broke out, the drunk guy behind us passed out and was getting stepped on-- so i leaned down to get him up-- calling my boyfriend over my shoulder to help. I got the passed out guy on my shoulder piggy back style and turned around and saw Damian was NO WHERE. I carried the guy through the venue, to the bathroom and held dude over the toilet till he woke up spewing. Damian finally found me, and instead of acknowledging my blood nose or torn shirt, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "I lost my fedora... my mom is going to be so mad at me" and broke down sobbing in the mens room.

    • Those are bad. His mom coming with is bad but i don't wear fadoras but they can't be that expensive. But if a late relative gave it to him and he lost it that could be a reason to be sad. But ya that does sound bad

    • It was an 8$ fedora from Walmart -_-' he was just a spazz and a total momma's boy-- like to the extent that she broke up with me instead of him.

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  • She was over half an hour late and looked like she'd eaten the girl from the dating profile.