Girls: your dating a guy and the first time your alone with him, making out he gets really aggressive - passionate kissing, roving hands. ?

Girls: your dating a guy and the first time your alone with him, making out he gets really aggressive - passionate kissing, roving hands. Turn off or turn on? If it's a turn off, is it recoverable or are you just done with him?

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... assume this is a few dates in, when you are comfortable having them over to your place.
I'm curios, if you answer "depends on the person", what makes the difference one way or the other?


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  • Turn off. Immense turn off.

    • Recoverable or no? ... sounds like a no.

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    • depends on how he behaved after i indicate i am vastly uncomfortable with what he's doing. if he moves back quickly- we might be okay. if he ignores me and still keeps touching me, I'm gone.

    • Makes sense.

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  • If it's the first date, no I wouldn't like that because I wouldn't go that far. A few dates in, yeah it's fine. By then I'm already feeling a connection with the guy.

  • For the very first date. Hmm depends if I was wanting to put out.

    I was once teasing a guy at mine, then didn't 'finish the job' and he got SO moody... Like, actual moody.
    He knocked a table over and ran to a different room. He apologised it's just that 'when he's sexually frustrated he gets angry'
    Safe to say I never saw him again!

    I think I went on abit of a tangent then, sorry lol.
    If I wanted it, great.
    If I didn't, it's recoverable if he doesn't try it again.

    • Wow, quite the story and understandable response (yours not his). Thanks for the reply and explanation.

  • That would be a turn on

    • ... now I'm curious why a guy has down voted you. Thanks for your honest answer, much appreciated!

  • If you're a few dates in and making out with them, you're obviously comfortable, so not sure why so many people are voting the "depends on the person" option.

    • For me it would be a turn on. Like another comment explained, it could lead to a turn-off of a situation, but that's different. If you're engaging in making out and it gets passionate that's a turn on.

    • There's being comfortable with the person and there's being comfortable with certain styles of physical affection. Different people have different styles. Some are more aggressive and that can be a turn off. ... and apparently, if you're in a long enough relatioship with someone that was very physically aggressive, you can pickup that behavior, too. Come to think of it, maybe it's an STB (behavior).

  • If its the first date, I would feel a bit scared if he starts being that agressive. Time to time. So not really a turn on. Its recoverable if he acts more calmed the next time.


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  • I prefer when she gets really aggressive ;)