I'm here again to ask about my feelings ahaha. I have mixed feelings for this guy. What do you think I should do?

So, here are some of the many questions I asked online about him (these are in order, I think):





Now, he and his girlfriend have broken up. And whenever he would hear her name, he would kind of jokingly be mad. One day, he heard her nickname. And one of his friends asked "How about -insert a product's name which is close to mine-?". He also sat beside me prolly more so because his friend would be on his right if he sat inbetween us. I heard his friend say "Why only now when it's almost time to go home?". And earlier, he and a friend of his were kind of hinting he likes me.

I have mixed feelings for him. It seems he had options. And he prolly told hus friends about the girls he liked (his friend told me that I'n his final crush). Why didn't he think of who he really liked, though? They're boys. It's natural that the girl would find out because they just won't keep their mouths shut.

If he truly liked me, wouldn't he have tried to actually talk to me? Again, he has the qualities I look for: he's nice, funny, uses correct grammar and cares about his grades. He's really nice but what he's done makes me think otherwise...

He and his friends have given me a lot of hints that he likes me. I also find him looking at me a lot again. If he does ask me out, take me to prom or talk to me... should I accept?


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  • Masturbate at him.

  • From what I'm reading, you don't have mixed feeling about this guy, you just want confirmation that he has strong feelings for you.

    Unfortunately, that's something that nobody's going to be able to provide you with. You're just going to have to decide if you want to take a chance with him or not, based on nothing but your own feelings.


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