Am I in the wrong?

My boyfriend were on the phone for four hours straight, My sister comes in my room and starts talking to me about stuff while I'm on the phone with my boyfriend. After my sister leaves my room my boyfriend starts screaming at me BC I wasn't talking to him. He called me ignorant and disrespectful. And I told him he was being self-centered. Am I in the wrong?


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  • Too many unknown variables..

    How long did you talk to her?

    Did you ask him to hold a bit or just start talking to her without checking to see if he want to hold or call back?

    Was her conversation important that it couldn't wait?

    If it was a convo with her more then a minute or two and he didn't express being ok holding vs calling back it was rude in my opinion.

    • It doesn't matter how long you too had chatted, you either get off the phone to address the new convo or make sure he doesn't mind holding a bit or ask her to wait until you are done and then talk to her then.

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    • I get that but there is still propper etiquette. If your family needs you then hang on.. Yes family comes first. I am assuming he is angry because you were talking to her while he was still on the phone, if that is true that's why you should have hung up, if he was angry because he still feels he doesn't get enough of your time that's a different issue and you may want to re-evaluate your relationship if he is controlling like that.

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  • No you aren't. If you had already been on the phone with him for four hours straight and someone else needed or wanted to talk to you you could have said goodnight and hung up and still not been wrong. He seems like a controlling self-absorbed asshole especially if he flips out over something so minor. In my opinion you can do much better.

    • See I knew I wasn't wrong, I said sorry anyways, but I know I could probably do better

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  • It depends... but yea if you left him hanging over the phone more than it should then it is disrespectful... try to address him next time.

    • So I'm in the wrong pretty much?

    • All I can say is that if I was talking to my significant other and he wouldn't address me... so yeah I would feel disrespected

  • no you aren't in the wrong because wasn't your fault your sister came in the room and started talking to you...

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