Should I get back in touch with this girl?

Once again, this question refers to my very first question on here. Look it up, if you have some time.
In brief : We had only known each other by sight until the day she invited me to come over to her house and hang out.
We hung out for a few weeks until I got drunk at her place and was more or less forced to sleep at her home. ( Her parents weren't at home ) She had a boyfriend but still got physical with me. Then one day she told me to stop "it" ( it = ambitious text messages )

And right now I'm asking myself whether I should get back in touch with her via texting because she is the only girl around where I live who is my type but also has the high intellect and the traits I love. We haven't seen each other since months or talked a single word for months, we have no common friends so there's no way she'd know what's going on exactly.

Should I risk contacting her?

Note : She has a feminist attitude I absolutely do not like, but I'm sure i could change that, she is 5'10, has C-cup breasts, is slender, vegan, and has short brown hair and likes to dress fashionably.

( I dislike the vegan thing too, but it's simply her intelligence that attracts me so much... )
I need advice ^^


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  • Since she's already in a relationship my beeeest advice is to not cross those "boundaries" lol like no creepiness or flirty stuff. But hey, Life is about taking risks! Take that risk and contact her and maybe she'll come around. I've had an experience where I contacted someone i wanted to get back in touch with and they would reply but showed no interest in even talking to me, so I just cut it off. See how it goes though and dont panic because if it doesn't work out then maybe she's not the right one...:) Oh and thanks for your opinion on my question!


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  • She is already in relationship so I don't see the point of waiting for a girl like that. She got physical with you hence cheated on his bf. Moreover, it could be just lust. If she was single, I would have said hang on but right now, I would say try dating other girls. Being a vegan and feminist is not bad, so if you can't accept such qualities of her, then you can definitely find someone who fits your criteria more.

    • Yes, I should better be rational about this... Thank you !

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